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Draft Minutes
TORTHORWALD COMMUNITY COUNCIL (TCC) (TCC area: Collin, Dargavel, Douievale, Elizafield, Greenlea, Isle of Man, Racks, Roucan, Torthorwald). Minutes of Meeting: Monday 20th November. Collin Village Hall Present: Bob Watson (RW) Chair, Millar Cameron (MCa) Vice Chair, Brian Winter (BW) Treasurer, Lindsay Florey (LF) Secretary, Tom Riddet (TR), Ann Riddet (AR), Jean Cameron (JCa), Nessie Carson, Norman Brydson (NB), Euan Brolls. Also Present: Bill Meadows, Cllr. Linda Dorward (LD), Barbara Williams, Liane Holmes, Graham Whiteley, John & Jackie Paddison, John Halliday, Bert Hastings, Rodney Palmer, Elaine Palmer, John Campbell, Cllr. Maureen Johnstone, Sandra Gibson, Donald Gibson Apologies: None Welcome: Bob Watson extended a warm welcome to all those present and thanked Jackie Paddison most sincerely for her work on the website. The local councillors were introduced to attendees. Minutes of the last meeting: Accepted. Proposed Brian Winter. Seconded Tom Riddet Matters Arising: Lochar federation initial meeting to take place 30 November 6.30pm in Lochthorn Library. 2 members of TCC (as yet undecided) to attend. Heras fencing opposite Collin school has been re-erected Bus shelter in Greenlea still awaited MCa expressed thanks to all those involved in the Remembrance Day ceremony, especially Bob Watson for providing the appropriate music and the council for supplying the wreath. Police Report: The report submitted was the whole of the region with no specific reference to TCC area. Grid battery energy storage: Jackie & John Paddison had submitted a review of risks for these storage facilities – fire being the major hazard It was agreed to circulate this to all those present at the meeting and submit concerns at the next public meeting. Is the site suitable, what is the fire risk and planning for this, is there sufficient local fire expertise to manage any event and is the site a safe distance from housing? The chair suggested keeping a watchful eye but that currently there were probably no grounds for objection. TR commented that the current proposal includes sprinklers and NB commented that the newer storage units are perhaps less of a risk. Community Council Website: In the last year there have been 223 clicks (direct access) and 3,580 searches with access from other sites It was unanimously agreed that this was valuable expenditure and Jackie Paddison agreed to continue managing the site Treasurer’s Report: Expenditure: 682 Solway Print (600 newsletters) £303.00 683 Torthorwald Hall Assoc. (hall cleaning) £32.00 684 Nicholson Trust (hall rent-Nov22 to Oct23) £160.00 TCC RBS Balance on 20/11/23 £8,628.14 Incl. Bequest £3,520.52 TCC £5,107.62 TCC Cumberland Balance on 20/11/23 £40,053.17 40-Day Notice Account 55702241 at 2.90% £5,000.00 1 Year Fixed to 23/5/24 55702478 at 3.80% £5,007.27 2 Year Fixed to 23/5/25 55702522 at 4.00% £30,045.90 Planning: Application from Mr & Mrs Meadows, Craigmore, Shieldhill Rd. DG1 3PS for erection of extensions to SE & SW of dwelling house. No concerns from TCC members. Many members of the community attended the meeting to express concerns re the proposed plan for 10 houses on the land immediately north of Highfield, Torthorwald. The chair detailed concerns recurrent drain blockages, the ability to manage all SUDS including sewage which is already at capacity, inaccuracies of the plans, the dangerously steep gradient of the proposed new road. Other members of the community attending raised the issues of the brevity of the period to register objections, the development at Highfield already doubling the size of Torthorwald village and the lack of the planning to meet any of the council objectives especially a village to be high quality development. It was felt the supporting statement contained many misleading and inaccurate items. It was felt this might be only the first phase of plans Bill Meadows suggested asking a member of the community with planning experience for his input (BW to action) Cllr. Linda Dorward suggested speaking to SEPA It was agreed that TCC would object on all the grounds mentioned and that members of the community should also submit individual objections. (one member of TCC abstained from voting for objection). It was agreed to request an extension of the period for objection to allow a structured and informed response from TCC. Christmas Meal: £25.95 per head. Dinner 43 people and Lunch 47 people The 200 club have sufficient funds to pay Raffle money to be given back to the 200 club JCa will coordinate the raffle Secretary’s Report: Phone box shortly to be moved to Torthorwald hall site. Use to be discussed at future meetings Defibrillator shortly to be moved to Torthorwald hall outside wall – current box sufficiently secure and dry. LF liaising with suppliers re necessary documentation. New pads required and servicing not up to date Webinars - Tuesday 21st November with Planning Aid Scotland Re-launch of the South of Scotland Tree Planting Grant Scheme to Community Councils Grants of up to £1,000  Full information is here: https://gallowayglens.org/projects/south- of-scotland-tree-planting-grant-scheme/. Details re A Listening Ear charity working across Dumfries and Galloway to befriend adults – our Phone Friends – who feel isolated or lonely. Currently recruiting - notices on community notice boards Care & Repair newsletter Review of polling districts consultation Funding available from Nithsdale Area Committee – tackling poverty and inequalities – small grants fund Community resilience grant – funding to write resilience plans Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards details Eppie Sprung. Meeting with Wheatley re playpark WB 20.11.23 A.O.C.B. Christmas tree festival to be held in St John’s Church with tree sponsored by Cruck Cottage team (poster attached) NB will share poster of the above on TCC facebook page Tom Riddet unable to access recording of webinar re place planning (CCES –LF) The recent by-pass road works with traffic through Collin and past Greenlea was mentioned aging. JCa has contacted the council and there were several road incidents. It was agreed to contact Scottish Gas re the road works on A709. Length of works, route of works etc Cllr Dorward stressed that traffic management was better the second time the bypass traffic was diverted but that it is almost impossible to stop drivers disobeying signage including HGV’s. Bill Meadows added that there was already planning permission for 4 houses on Shieldhill Rd which might add concerns to the Highfield plans. Date of Next Meeting: 15th January Torthorwald Village Hall. 7.30pm

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(TCC area: Collin, Dargavel, Douievale, Elizafield, Greenlea, Isle of Man, Racks, Roucan & Torthorwald). Minutes of Meeting: Monday 19 th October 2020 ZOOM meeting Present: Bob Watson (BW) Chair, Pauline Dear (PD) Treasurer, Ewan Brolls (EB), Lindsay Florey (LF) Secretary, John and Nessie Carson (JC & NC). Also present: Bill Meadows (BM), Bill Hitchens (BH), Norrie Brydson (NB). Apologies: Miller and Jean Cameron (M&JCa), Michael Currie (MC), Craig Meier (CM). Welcome and Apologies: Bob welcomed everyone to the meeting which was held as a zoom meeting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Minutes of the last meeting: These were approved. Matters Arising: No further issues with Collin notice board. Taking it down temporarily would require drilling out the rivets. Discussion re the Branetrigg path link to Shieldhill Rd, Torthorwald is ongoing. B M to meet with SEPA. Richard Armstrong from ‘Paths for All’ has been in contact. Council permission to cut down foliage restricting road visibility at Smithy Cottage has been granted and the work has already been completed. Response from Joseph Seed, Corsock and KPD community council, thanking us for our input and stating Scottish Forestry have agreed improved public consultation in the future. Farm vehicle traffic speed felt to be reduced but ongoing concerns re traffic speed generally in Collin. NB discussed signage indicating ‘20’s Plenty’. Costs to be sought (NB) and CCES to be contacted suggesting these signs might be helpful. (LF) Discussion about possible funding from CC but council response awaited in first instance. Christmas Events: No senior citizens’ meal will be possible. Discussion took place of possible hampers, calendars, tea towel for all residents in the TCC area. Previous cost of meals £2,000 plus. Agreed PD to investigate possibility of a CC tea towel. Remembrance day: Minister, CC chairman, bugler and wreath layer only at the ceremony. 3pm Sunday 8 th November at the war memorial, Collin. Suggestion from Council of community displaying poppy poster in their windows – template and link to be put on website and displayed in notice boards. General Public suggestion that members of the public could show their support by standing on their doorstep for 2 minutes’ silence at 11am. Website: Discussion of Remembrance day led to discussion of improving our TCC website BW to draft an advertisement for help from a member of our community. Possible funding might be available if necessary using ANCBC covid grant. Community Support during Pandemic: Masks still being distributed. LF to write to Jean Wilson thanking her for her £100 donation to CC from her mask-making expenses. Community Assets team will support halls with plans to reopen. Details to be circulated (LF) Police Report: Report sent to BW. Statistics for the whole region. Anti-crime patrols in place Intelligence sought re drink and drug driving and cannabis growing. Planning: Unconditional planning permission granted for erection of extension to rear view elevation of dwelling house, 12 Townhead Park, Collin. Treasurers’ Report: Current statement - £44,447.27 Outgoing - £10,188 for notice boards, £55 for 200 club collectors’ gifts, £200 Mr Willie Clowe, £359.48 for hand sanitisers and gel, £215 newsletter printing, £63.95 website and domain registration, £21.99 auditors’ gifts. £48 payment for Torthorwald hall rental in progress. Incoming - £100 donation Jean Wilson. Secretary’s Report: Emails re the following circulated to all CC members Review of Road Service Questionnaire, Virtual child payment roadshows, Keeping Kids Safe, Challenge Poverty details, Managing Money Workshops, Free Training events with 3 rd sector, Job Opportunities, Robertson Trust & Tesco Community Grants, Amended Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils. Email from Scottish Forestry re Loch Moss Plans. Agreed to say we were content with this (LF). Email re any roads issues foreseen with Pylon line Glenlee to Tongland. Contact re derelict privately owned land opposite Collin School. Being used as unofficial dumping ground. Derek Hextall has already been involved and further contact to be made with him and via CCES. (LF) A.O.C.B. Noise complaints from Travellers’ Site - excellent speedy response from Alan Kerr, Gypsy traveller liaison officer. Residents in Collin are within their rights to contact the police. NB suggested we might use Microsoft teams to allow council members and police to join CC meetings. Contact to be made with Derek Hextall. (LF) Torthorwald Village is planning a Living Advent Calendar in December. Meeting closed 20.45 Next Meeting November 16 th 2020